Technological progress have affected no other market segment more than the gaming and entertainment industries. Exponential advancements in computer technology have driven more advanced and interactive software with every generation of computer processors. Mobile access to content through smartphones and tablets has become commonplace, and expected. The rigorous demands of these industries and the overwhelming customers’ interest, proved by the examples below, inevitably lead to a huge need for custom entertainment and game development services.

For instance, electronic gaming has evolved to the point that early ancestors such as Pong and Space Invaders cannot be compared to contemporary offerings that have driven the e-sports industry, complete with international tournaments and live coverage of competitions. Game development services must be able to provide updates to popular games and introduce new titles in order to feed demand.

To illustrate, the 2014 League of Legends championship reached more than 27 million people on ESPN. That was more viewers than for both of the final games of last year’s baseball World Series (23.5 million viewers) and the decider of 2014’s NBA Finals (18 million). Game development services now design products that are meant to be spectator sports, and this trend is likely to continue.

Talking about the entertainment industry, another example is very vivid. Subscriptions to traditional cable packages have declined with the popularity of services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming video services.

“Game development services must be able to provide updates to popular games and introduce new titles in order to feed demand. ”

One advantage that these businesses have is that the consumer is able to access their account from any location that has internet access. In June of 2015, Wall Street analysts said that, if measured as a traditional broadcast network, Netflix would surpass ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox in viewers within the year. So more and more traditional entertainment companies are trying to find solutions to provide the custom services that their competitors have ridden to great success.

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Trying to satisfy this growing demand companies face two major problems – firstly, the shortage of professional game software development engineers. And secondly, new games often take years to develop, and one method that companies use in the process is outsourcing game development projects to reliable offshore and nearshore providers. Game development outsourcing allows finding the needed technical staff and engaging more engineers in the process, shortening the length of the development cycle.

CyberCraft is a professional software development company that can become your trusted partner, taking care of all your game development outsourcing needs or other entertainment software projects. CyberCraft is located in Lviv, the IT capital of Ukraine, and has access to the large pool of designers and software engineers throughout Eastern Europe. We can assemble a dedicated development team to provide IT services and solutions to customers, who wish to take advantage of their expertise and save half the time and costs compared to finding and employing local developers.

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