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Cloud application development

Offshore Cloud Application Development - Increased Demand

The efficiency, high performance, extensive functionality, customization and data storage potential of the cloud make it an incredibly attractive technology, creating a growing demand for effective cloud based applications. Cloud technologies are becoming more popular, as more companies are looking to move daily business operations to the cloud. It happens mostly due to the fact that in the ever changing business realia companies cannot be competitive and simply survive without fast and agile IT solutions and infrastructures. And cloud allows building such systems and offers unsurpassed advantages in comparison to traditional in-house data center services.

Regarding cloud-based application development, technology experts are certain about the benefits of developing in these environments. Among such pluses are significant cost savings and increased go-to-market speed. It has been proven by various surveys that cloud platforms cut down development time by 10-30%. Overall, the market is becoming key in delivering IT services. And as the demand increases, finding dedicated cloud developers is one of the biggest pain points for European and US companies.

Custom Cloud Application development - Build Own Offshore Dedicated Team

If you are planning to move into the cloud app space, CyberCraft can provide the best experts with years of practical experience and multiple successful projects behind them. Whether migrating from existing web applications, or translating your requirements and project complexity into comprehensive cloud solutions through custom application development, our dedicated software engineers team will help you choose the right strategy. We have a wide pool of the best IT talents throughout Eastern Europe, so with us you can set up your remote dedicated development team in Ukraine at half the cost and time over building the same technical team in your location.

What our experts can help you to accomplish:

  • Custom Cloud Applications Development
  • Cloud Implementation (private, public and hybrid delivery models)
  • Cloud Integration (cloud-based integration technologies)
  • Cloud Applications Migration (solutions for migration on premise services to the cloud)
  • Performance Optimization Solutions

Reliable Outsourced Cloud Application Development - CyberCraft

With CyberCraft you get:

  • Dedicated cloud developers
  • Cost-efficient applications
  • Rapid services
  • Software tailored to your exact needs
  • High-performance of cloud-based solutions
  • Reduced risks
  • Lower costs of converting existing apps into cloud services
  • Greater performance for your users
  • Focus on your goals, your budget, and your success

Generally speaking, popularity is often the main reason for moving to cloud-based platforms, but without expert analysis and testing, a cloud solution choice may fall short of the cost efficiency and other benefits. As a result, it may be even more expensive to operate than the traditional options. So, before you jump on that bandwagon of the latest buzz-word technology, make sure you have professionals to help you with its proper implementation.

"Our dedicated teams of cloud development experts will help you to identify and implement the best strategies for using the full potential of the cloud technology."