• At least 10 years of application development with at least 5 years of developing web applications; 
• Experience in developing Windows Desktop applications; 
• Good understanding of the particulars of web application development in contrast to classic desktop development; 
• At least 5 years C# ASP.Net experience; 
• At least 3 years of experience with developing JavaScript, AJAX web user interfaces; Experience with jQuery and/or Telerik RAD controls is a big plus; 
• At least 5 years of experience working with SQL Server 2005 or later. This should include database modeling as well as writing T-SQL stored procedures and functions. Knowledge and experience with optimizing SQL statements’ performance is a great plus; 
• Knowledge of architecting client-server, data access heavy, desktop and web applications; 
• Experience in refactoring code, both C# and T-SQL, written by others would be a plus.

General requirements:

• Be able to work with minimal supervision of day to day activities; 
• Be proactive in suggesting actionable solutions to supervising staff; 
• Be proactive in reporting actual and potential issues and risks with suggested approach of implementation;
• Avoid any quick fixes or workarounds which lead to short-term solutions to issues but cause long term problems with the implementation; 
• Structure and organize code according to industry best practices; 
• Apply the principles of code reuse, modularity, self-documenting through relevant and up to date comments; 
• Code for optimal performance, readability and maintainability; 
• Be able to justify, explain and document any of their recommendations and methods of implementation.


• Taking part in both the development of ongoing new projects, as well as the implementation of new features for existing systems;
• Architecting and creating a new version of a web application, database and data entry tools;
• Designing, developing and implementing the system requirements using Microsoft .Net technology; 
• Preparation of installation and configuration documentation; 
• Preparation of other documentations that may be required for the above.

What we offer:

• Approachable management, open to suggestions and innovations
• Friendly team and enjoyable working environment
• Opportunity to build your international career working directly for our customers
• Flexible working hours
• Fair salary (regular performance based salary reviews)
• 20 working days paid vacation and 15 sick leaves
• Bookkeeping and accounting on us

About the project:

CyberCraft on behalf of an international economic organization operating in 140 countries, is looking for a Senior Software Developer/Architect to join our Lviv team. Within this role, you’ll work on building a number of software systems to support the collection, verification, and dissemination of data related to merchandise trade and trade in services. Data related to tariffs, a volume of trade, legislation affecting trade and Member notifications of a relevant legislature are maintained in several relational database systems. These software systems are used by government authorities and private institutions all over the globe regulating the international trade. Embrace the opportunity to become a part of an international development team influencing the world trade processes.

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