Allgress is an AWS-certified & full-featured governance, risk and compliance platform for enterprise and SMB. With its help security & risk specialists can assess and manage corporate risks, make correct security decisions which are aligned with core company’s priorities. Business-owners can achieve better security compliance & control thanks to newly-developed solution. Among other benefits of Allgress solution is boosted ROI & faster deployment.

Main company needs

- creating great GRC (governance, risk management & compliance system)
- powerful mapping tools to show the image of company’s security & risk compliance
- 3rd party vendors support
- overall progress visualization

Our contribution

introduced a new SDLC and modern engineering practices
assembled the whole development team
developed a brand new web platform with modern UI/UX

entered new markets and acquired SMB & enterprise clients
developing customer portal

Client’s testimonial

“When CyberCraft came to my attention, they had thoughtful answers to all the issues I raised. In only two weeks I was presented with 5 qualified candidates, 2 of them we hired. CyberCraft remains actively involved in ensuring that goals are achieved. Their experience working with other partners has been beneficial to us. We plan to continue working with them for the foreseeable future. They have improved our overall product quality and time-to-market for new features.”


Company customers: