It offers participating operators the end-to-end visibility of the cloud services and assists with quick localization of the root causes of potential incidents and outages. The main benefit of NG-NetMS tool is that it provides a central vantage point for end-to-end visibility into the security aspects of ICT services. NG-NetMS connects to the network routers and retrieves most current network topology parameters, and automatically monitors addition and deletion of the devices and network links between them. It creates precise maps and is quick and efficient in collection of the most complete information about the managed network inventory, topology, map of IP address space and most important analysis of syslog events and SNMP alarms in near real time or from historical archives.  

History of cooperation:

CyberCraft started cooperation with Optoss in 2014. At the very beginning of cooperation there was a need to hire one technically strong engineer to review and rebuild the existing architecture of NG-NetMS product. Also, the main task for this engineer was to establish all development processes and procedures to add more engineers to the
dedicated development team. All these tasks were successfully completed.

Achievements of Optoss during the cooperation with CyberCraft:

Successfully raised funding from ESA BIC incubator
Received business incubation grant from European Space Agency
Successfully applied intellectual property of European Space Agency


Initial Scrum team consists of the following specialists
  • Technical lead
  • Senior engineer
  • Intermediate engineers
  • Junior engineers

Client’s testimonial

“Optoss needed to build a team of engineers to work on our network management startup. We had to start almost from scratch, and strong software developers were the key to success of the project. CyberCraft was able to address our needs in a short period of time and on the budget. They selected and hired for us the developers that exceeded our expectations. We are very satisfied with the code quality and dedication of CyberCraft employees to our project. Communication with the team was easy and the level of cooperation was second to none.”

Founder and Managing Director of Optoss

Technologies used:

Old GTK(GNOME) and modern GUI frameworks
Experience with 3D graphics API (Linux/Unix)