Technology’s influence in the media and publishing industries has increased dramatically. Phenomena such as self-publishing and the shift away from traditional media sources have both changed the face of business operations in these industries, and social media’s influence has become a major element. To remain competitive, publishers and media providers have to invest heavily in professional social media and publishing software and application development.

Talking about the publishing business, writers are now able to generate and publish their own content, and can sell it directly to consumers in print or electronic form through retailers such as Amazon. This is due, in part, to streamlined operations that professional publishing software development has made possible. The industry will continue to evolve as businesses strive to obtain the best publishing software development services that will accommodate projects of varying sizes and needs.

Regarding the mass media, over the last decades consumers have been increasingly moving from legacy providers such as newspapers, television and radio to obtain daily news and information. For instance in 2012, 23 percent of Americans said that they had read a newspaper the day before. That is less than half of the fifty percent who responded that they had read a newspaper the day before in 2000. More telling is that 60 percent of those under age 25 reported that they get their news exclusively from digital sources.

Further analysis reveals social media’s influence on this phenomenon. In 2015 over 60 percent of web-using adults stated that they had gotten news from Facebook in the prior week, which indicates another emergence of social media in these industries. Therefore, social media application development that incorporates these trends will be critical for survival in these market segments.

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Results depend on successfully identifying areas of opportunity and then committing resources to maximize the benefits. IT outsourcing to Eastern Europe has become a great chance to acquire professional publishing software development outsourcing and social media app development services for significantly less investment than relying upon IT firms located in the United States or Western Europe, for example.

CyberCraft is an industry-leading IT supplier that provides custom results to its customers by assembling dedicated teams of developers and engineers to provide custom software development outsourcing, application design and IT support services. CyberCraft can provide publishing and social media software and application development to ensure success and do so at significant cost savings when compared to other providers.

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