Sam Walton’s innovative techniques in supply chain management provided Walmart the ability to manage its in-store inventories and increase the overall efficiency. It also decreased costs by implementing retail and distribution software systems to adjust inventories based on sales figures in real time. This allowed Walmart to establish itself as the world's largest company by revenue in 2014, according to the Fortune Global 500.


While not every retailer has distribution needs that are on the scale of Walmart’s, this example demonstrates how technology can propel a company to success. To achieve that success, however, the retail business in question will have to follow Walmart’s example and incorporate distribution and retail software development solutions. Distribution and retail software development needs are only the beginning for the industry. Emerging trends such as using social media platforms as sales outlets will need retail software that can integrate two distinct systems to facilitate sales that are secure and seamless.

“The retail industry will need to account for their customer’s desire to use their smartphones as payment methods.”

Retail and Distribution Software Development Services

Mobile sales are only one aspect of customer relationship management (CRM) that is of critical importance to retailers. The ability to provide access to information and sales portals across mobile networks is a part of creating a positive consumer experience. Giving this access also has the benefit of providing data to retailers that can help direct their marketing efforts. Coordinating a CRM effort that satisfies both parties in the exchange will require adept custom software development and implementation.

Developing the ability to address these technological needs will require the retail industry to look for software companies to provide unique products that will enable them to take advantage of these trends. And the most efficient option for businesses as they seek for custom distribution and retail software development is to outsource these projects outside the United States or Western Europe to companies that deliver cutting-edge technology and support at significant savings over local providers.


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