The travel and hospitality industries now need to incorporate custom software development and solutions to support emerging technologies in order to stay competitive. The increasing use of online utilities in booking rooms and tables in hotels and restaurants, in ordering food etc. demands these businesses continue to stay abreast of technology or risk losing business to others that do. It is no longer enough to provide an interactive website that offers their guests a static presentation; integrated operational ability must be present to ensure competitiveness.

Restaurants are increasingly making use of custom hospitality software development that allows them to provide services to guests both before they arrive and during the meal. Applications that facilitate table reservation and allow for targeted marketing to previous customers are becoming an industry standard. Moreover, many restaurants are also moving to the use of mobile devices such as tablets in favor of traditional paper menus. These movements will only become more prevalent, and it behooves the industry to devote sufficient resources to capitalize on them.

What concerns the travel industry, according to a recent SmartBrief survey, 57 percent of travel reservations are made on the Internet, and 65 percent of same-day hotel reservations are now made from a smartphone. This illustrates the need for the industry to focus on custom travel software development and its implementation. Hotels are also increasing their use of self-service kiosks that allow guests to check, resulting in less waiting time and enabling staff to concentrate on providing other aspects of service.

"These movements will only become more prevalent, and it behooves the industry to devote sufficient resources to capitalize on them."

The above mentioned industries both require substantial investment in custom hospitality and travel application development; this will entail hiring companies that are trustworthy and competent. The reliance on these applications and software makes it obvious that security and functionality must both be present to provide their customers with a positive experience that will encourage further business.

Hospitality and Travel Software Development Services - Dedicated Team
Full integration of remote developers with your company

CyberCraft, located in the IT center of Lviv, Ukraine, can deliver premium hospitality software development services by assembling teams of dedicated software engineers who work remotely, but operate as a part of the client’s organization. Hospitality and travel application development outsourcing provides substantial cost savings while delivering the benefit of an internal technology division.

CyberCraft manages the assembly, training, human resource processes and other demands of employment using the same procedures and policies the rest of our client’s employees follow. The remote development team works in dedicated facilities that offer technical and communication infrastructure to allow integrated operation with their colleagues, wherever they may be.

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