Cloud application development – benefits

Efficiency, high performance, extensive functionality, customization and data storage potential of the cloud make it an incredibly attractive technology nowadays. In ever changing business environment, fast and agile IT solutions or infrastructures allow agencies to stay ahead of the competition. Cloud technology offers unsurpassed advantages and augmented flexibility in comparison to traditional in-house data center services.
Regarding cloud based application development, industry experts are certain about substantial cost savings and increased go-to-market speed of the cloud, which are among its’ most important assets. Various surveys have shown that cloud development cuts down the overall deployment time by 10-30%. Cloud computing offers agencies a fast and easy access to the data and communication technology which is extremely useful for better tasks execution and seamless workflow.
As the demand increases, finding dedicated cloud developers for hire is one of the biggest pain points for European and US companies.

Custom cloud development - Build Your Offshore Dedicated Team

If you plan on migrating to the cloud server, CyberCraft can provide you with highly-experienced developers who have successfully completed multiple similar projects. Whether you need to migrate existing web application to the new environment or translate your requirements and project idea into a comprehensive cloud solution through custom cloud app development, your dedicated developers will help you to implement your strategy. Having a wide pool of the best IT talents throughout Eastern Europe, we can set up your remote dedicated development team in Ukraine at half of the cost and time over building the same technical team in your location.


Cloud development services we offer:


  • Custom Cloud Application Development

Focus on your business strategy and goals while the professionals take care of cloud computing and hosting following your specifications. After careful examination of your company’s needs, we hire dedicated programmers who will provide a custom-built solution offering you a competitive advantage in such a dynamic environment. Relying on our experience in business analysis, cloud computing and hiring experts, we guarantee your complete satisfaction of the final results while adapting to desired changes on any stage of development.


  • Cloud Implementation (private, public and hybrid delivery models)

Choose delivery model which works best for you and assign tasks to your team. Ensuring convenient and effective management of day-to-day work processes, these cloud systems are powerful tools for your business. They allow your employees to easily access digital storage and software anywhere via the Internet connection.


  • Cloud Integration (cloud-based integration technologies)

Making the most of IPaaS integration model, simplify your agency’s overall system, allowing for one-place platform management. Your dedicated developers will help you to integrate multiple resources and enterprise apps into a unique virtual platform. Thus, your business processes will be better optimized and data will be collected into reports which can be easily updated.


  • Cloud Application Migration (solutions to migrate the on premise services to the cloud)

Cloud migration process made easy thanks to cloud application development services provided by technology experts. Your dedicated team assists you on every stage if necessary – planning, execution, testing and validation, helping to migrate your single or multiple applications to the cloud. Rich experience and skills of developers ensure risk-free and rapid apps replacement. Choosing the right provider, techniques and tools in cloud computing is just as important as securing your data; thankfully, your hired engineers are real experts in that.



      With CyberCraft you get:

      • Dedicated cloud developers for hire
      • Cost-efficient applications
      • Rapid delivery of ready-to-use products
      • Software tailored to your exact needs
      • High performance of cloud-based applications
      • Reduced risks
      • Lower costs of converting existing apps into cloud services
      • Greater performance for your users
      • Focus on your goals, budget and success


      Whatever is your particular reason to opt for cloud based application development, without expert analysis and testing, a cloud solution choice may fall short of the cost efficiency, business agility and other benefits. As a result, cloud solutions may be even more expensive to operate than the traditional options. So, before you jump on that bandwagon of the latest buzz-word technology, make sure you have professionals to help you with its proper implementation.

      "Our dedicated teams of cloud development experts will help you to identify and implement the best strategies for using the full potential of the cloud technology."

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