Modern electronic equipment often consists of hardware defined and managed by software that is embedded in it. The overall functionality, performance and costs of device depend greatly on the quality of embedded software. The complexity of embedded devices has grown significantly, as well as their power and variety. Today, they are used across multiple industries for various purposes, such as: wireless and consumer electronics, video and multimedia, telecommunications, medical industry, security and identification, manufacturing, automotive or aircraft industries.

Custom embedded software development requires special tools, technical skills and expertise to ensure that each task is performed at the expected time – which can be down to nanoseconds when dealing with real-time embedded systems. Being widely used nowadays, precision and fast operativity combined with high reliability and performance are major advantages of embedded software development. However, the main challenge is to find embedded engineers who will reduce the size and complexity of software as well as development time and cost, while achieving higher levels of device integration.

Where to hire embedded systems engineer?

Finding embedded software engineers with necessary skills and experience can be a time-consuming and costly process. That is when our company’s services come in handy. After a careful study of your business needs, we can help select and hire the best embedded engineers, testers or other specialists solely for you. Having access to the huge pool of tech talents in Ukraine, our agency sets up a team of embedded system engineers, taking care of all the maintenance hassle and formalities.
Whether you need to hire embedded engineers to create new products from scratch or provide services for the existing ones, design hardware or develop firmware, CyberCraft can provide you with competent embedded hardware engineers to successfully handle all of the following stages:

  • Software analyzing and consulting
  • New product design and development
  • Product adaptation and optimization
  • Re-development and re-engineering of embedded software and systems
  • Feature enhancements
  • Custom software development
  • Final testing and verification
  • Software support

Scale up or down your team of embedded developers during the project, while being sure that you have found motivated embedded systems engineers for a long-term and productive cooperation.


DEDICATED team of EMBEDDED developers

Due to a large variety of aspects affecting the performance of embedded software, a lack of experience or attention to detail may become a destructive point for embedded solutions. That is why, it is crucial to have the right specialists working for you. CyberCraft has been always devoted to satisfying business requirements of our clients, providing them with professional dedicated development teams that can create working, balanced, safety-critical, customized embedded software solutions.

Our rich expertise in IT staffing and outsourcing guarantee that we will find highly skilled embedded developers for your project. Your dedicated team of embedded hardware engineers will develop superior quality software solutions while minimizing project risks and costs. As an offshore software development company, we provide the needed resources – from individuals to teams, full-time or part-time – that can handle your projects efficiently regardless of their complexity.

CyberCraft can provide you with a large pool of professionals in all areas of software development.

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We hire and build your own remote Dedicated Development Teams tailored to your specific requirements. You get professional full time developers that work exclusively for you as part of your company. We handle all practical needs related to hiring and housing the team at our premises in Ukraine, thus saving you half the cost and a lot of effort of in‐house expansion.

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