How to find web developers for startup

When launching a startup, it is crucial to hire a team of professionals who will help to reach your goals. According to a survey, 90% of businesses cited outsourcing as crucial to their growth. Members of a newly established startup development team need to be highly motivated and possess exceptional skills in order to lead the project towards its’ successful completion. While hiring developers for a startup in house might be a time-consuming, tiring and expensive affair, there is a great alternative – outsourcing your project to a dedicated offshore development team. Such collaboration model becomes more popular due to its’ flexibility, cost efficiency and high quality of services.

Why hire developers for startup remotely?

Finding programmers with necessary level of expertise and skills, meeting salary expectations and competing with larger brands are among the greatest challenges for startups. Not only you need to be certain about the competencies of future employees, but also their dedication and reliability have to leave no doubts. Finding highly-skilled web developers for a startup in house includes multiple stages – writing specific job descriptions, conducting personal interviews, candidates screening. All of this may be difficult to execute for a non-technical person. Moreover, not every developing business can afford to build an in-house team of tech experts working on a full-time basis.

Meanwhile, attracting the best tech talents is going to make a huge difference for any startup project. In a recent study, hiring the wrong team is cited among three most common reasons of a project failure. The other two are no market need and running out of cash. Thus, startup outsourcing might be the right solution for a new project success. Allowing you to avoid any team setup and maintenance hassle, we help you to find top web developers for startup according to your needs. Hand all HR activities and formalities on us while focusing on more important things such as business strategy and goals.

You might want to hire such specialists:

  • BackEnd Engineers – we help you to find web developers who are experts in data structures and efficient code writing.
  • FrontEnd Engineers – specialists who are responsible for creating design and product interface thinking from user’s perspective.
  • DevOps engineers – they will keep your deployment process as effective and transparent as possible.
  • Designers – creators of mockups and graphics for your software solution.

How to find programmers for startup?

If you decide to build a startup development team with CyberCraft, let us provide you with a step-by-step guide of such collaboration:

  1. Our recruitment consultants analyse your requirements and needs to create job descriptions together
  2. We search for the candidates, pre-select them and provide tests to check their skills
  3. You interview them personnally and make a final decision
  4. We take care of all the legal and formal aspects to employ your team, providing them with the necessary equipment

Need a programmer for a startup? Choose CyberCraft

  • IT professionals
    Having access to the pool of 100 000 tech talents in Ukraine, our experienced IT recruiters select candidates who fit perfectly into your project needs.
  • Dedication and flexibility
    We believe in reliable partnerships with our clients, working by a dedicated team model. Such cooperation offers multiple assets to your business including higher level of developers’ dedication and retention rate. Transparent communication and regular meetings provide the feel that your employees are located in the next-door office.
  • Quick setup
    Based on our recruiting experience of closing the toughest tech vacancies globally, we help to find a developer for your startup more quickly than ever.
  • Cost & time efficiency
    Hiring developers for startup remotely saves our clients up to 60% of time and costs related to building the in-house team.
Need help in startup outsourcing?

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