With no doubt, choosing software technology is an important stage of any software development project. While so many software development technologies exist in the IT market nowadays, picking the right one is a challenging yet indispensable thing to do. Needless to say, it is better to know which programming language fits your project the best before launching it. For example, Python is most used when working with big data, machine learning and related projects. For a quick and efficient development, Node.js is a perfect match. Java is commonly used in cross-platform development. If you want to achieve a better security and performance of your software solution, this is the right choice.


Finding and hiring IT specialists with any tech knowledge & experience is much easier with our help. We can provide junior to senior developers with rare skills as fast as possible. Whether it’s a Java developer, a RubyonRails specialist or you’re not sure which one you need, our IT recruiters will find them for you. These are the most popular technologies our clients use:


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Of course, there are no strict boundaries in choosing software development technologies, as most languages have a versatile and multi-purpose nature. However, you definitely should know the kind of service that you need before hiring software engineers. Among the most important factors to consider when choosing a specific software technology or a toolset are: the type of application you plan to build, the time to market, development budget and level of security needed.

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We will gladly help you with that. Anyway, you should analyze all the pros and cons of a software technology before choosing it. This allows to mitigate potential risks and minimise expenses while achieving highest quality results. With CyberCraft, every stage of software development process becomes easier and more efficient.

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