C++ is a powerful and highly-portable language which offers multiple benefits for businesses. It was released in 1985, even though its development was initiated as early as 1979. Its syntax was originally based on C language. The developers-creators wanted to enhance the existing features of C with more opportunities for mass software development, starting with the object-oriented programming (OOP). It was important to preserve flexibility, speed and portability of C language. With years paasing, C++ became one of the most used programming languages worldwide.

C++ is a compiled standard programming language that supports almost all the existing programming approaches and paradigms. It can be characterized by a terse code and extensive set of operators and functions. C++ is commonly known as a low level programming language because it contains a great number of processor-specific architectural optimizations. Only assembly languages can compete with C++ in terms of these.

Hire C++ Developer: Technologies

At the beginning, C++ was designed for the OOP. It supports such methods as abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance (including multi-leveled) and polymorphism.
This language allows creating high-performance reliable software solutions, device drivers or even operating systems.
A standard set of C++ libraries includes regular C libraries (with several changes) and Standard Template Libraries (STL), which supply an extensive range of generalized containers and algorithms. Unlike C language, C++ has the additional data types, virtual functions, inline functions, namespaces and namespace overloading.
Thus, a highly-skilled C++ developer can design a truly complex application serving specific business needs.

C++ Programmer for Hire: Frameworks

Frameworks are powerful tools in software development, that are often used to create complex apps. Helping to reduce time and costs spendings in software development process, they structure it better at every stage. The most popular C++ frameworks are:

  • TreeFrog;

  • WxWidgets;

  • Qt;

  • .NET.

Some of C++ functions are helpful in designing a graphical user interface. For this purpose, such frameworks as MFC/.NET, WxWidgets, and Qt are indispensable. With their help, a C++ programmer can develop applications for different operating systems.

–°++ Developer: The Scope of Applicability

A great number of famous companies like Amazon, eBay and Google use C++ as one of the main programming languages for their server apps development because of its efficiency. In other words, the backends of the majority of large web applications today are created using C++. Of course,C++ was not created for web app development but for desktop application development, as well as creating different types of software for storing, analyzing, processing and optimizing data; games and animated sequences, search engines (Google), browsers (Mozilla), mail clients (Thunderbird), system software (Microsoft, Intel), software for high-volume commerce apps and many more. The scope of applicability is impressive.

Due to its universality, the language allows a great freedom in creation. Every seasoned C++ developer has his own typical solutions and favorite methodologies. You can write effective programs for virtually any purpose. C++ is applicable to different scale projects, including software complexes that work for years with minimum maintenance, as well as projects that use non-standard setups, formats, models and other forms of data interaction. It is an ideal programming language for solutions with a high level of reliability and performance.

C++ is often used for the long-term projects, whose lifecycles exceed dozens of years. Thus, they need a reliable development language that will be definitely relevant in the future (for example, a physics engine PhysX outlasted several large refactorings).

Find C++ Programmer for Hire Thanks to an Outstaffing Company

Outstaffing is getting more and more popular nowadays, especially when it comes to C++ programmers for hire. Not surprisingly, as outstaffing services help to facilitate the hiring process for companies which are not ready to spend lots of time on searching and employing software developers.

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C ++ may seem complicated at first sight. However, if you want to create a qualitative long-living project, there is no better solution. Hiring motivated and highly-skilled programmers is of crucial importance for any successful project implementation. This is what Cybercraft stands for. Our professional team can offer you expert advice and needed support to form the dedicated C++ developers team of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more about services we provide or get the answers to your questions.

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