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We are  Cybercraft — your next trusted software development partner from eastern europe

We build your own remote development teams in ukraine:
  • Top notch engineers
  • In-house look and feel
  • 60% cost-savings
  • Transparent pricing model
  • No risks
  • No recruitment hassle
  • No upfront payments
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What we offer

We hire and build your own remote Dedicated Development Teams tailored to your specific needs. You get your professional fulltime developers that work exclusively for you as part of your company. We handle all practical things related to hiring and housing your team at our premises in Ukraine, thus saving you half a cost and a lot of efforts of in-house expansion

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Teams we build

Having access to the pool of 50.000+ highly skilled and experienced IT minds throughout Eastern Europe, CyberCraft can help you build a Dedicated Team tailored to your specific needs in various areas of software development, testing and support

Experts we provide

Get top-notch IT talents with various techical skills

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How it works

Set up your remote Dedicated Development Team in 4 simple steps

You give us
the requirements

We select and
provide candidates

You approve and hire
the best developers

We handle all practical needs
and you start working

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Why choose us

Top 10 reasons to build your remote Dedicated Development Team with CyberCraft

The lack of needed IT professionals in your area

If it is hard to find IT specialists in the region you operate, we will set up a remote team for you in Ukraine.

Cost savings up to 60%

compared to the extension of your in-house team (no startup, hiring, housing, administration, taxation costs).

Quick launch of your remote Dedicated Team

We assemble remote technical teams in less than half a time compared to setting up an in-house team

Minimum efforts from your side to set up your team

You pick the best developers and we cover all the technical and legal aspects of recruiting and hosting them.

Full integration of remote developers with your company

The IT specialists you hire become full-time members of your existing team with equal productivity.

No financial risks. Transparent and fixed monthly fee

No financial obligations occur until you employ your Dedicated Development Team.

Highest quality IT professionals

Ukraine has been recognized as one of the major suppliers of tech talent to the US and EU. It is rated 5th in Global IT export.

Highest level of IP rights protection and confidentiality

We will take proper measures to ensure complete security of all your data and networks.

Project Management support and Agile consulting

CyberCraft's Software Development Managers can help you plan, execute and control projects of different sizes.

Geographical proximity and cultural similarity

No substantial differences in culture, mentality, business approach etc. compared to the USA or Western Europe.

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