If you’re searching for talented tech minds who are dedicated to their work, we are a perfect fit. We are a dynamic software development company based in Lviv, Ukraine. CyberCraft workers have been working on various large-scale & complex projects, always meeting clients’ expectations. The founders of CyberCraft have over 30 years of combined experience with software development, IT project management and human resources staffing. CyberCraft is your trusted IT outsourcing partner that will bring your business to another level by taking care of all your IT staffing needs, while you stay focused on your strategic goals. Expand your business in a simple, quick and cost-effective way with CyberCraft!

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About us

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We were born as an offshore software development company aiming at bringing innovation to business. Since 2012, we’ve been helping companies to create top-notch products, improve their overall performance by offering software development services aligned with their strategy & goals.
Since then, the quantity of CyberCraft employees has doubled each year, each of us being tech expert in his specific area. We’re growing right now - both in numbers & professionalism.
We’ve been providing employees for both small startups and large corporations. Software products we create are used by our international customers on a daily basis.

Meet the Team

Eugene SafronoV

CEO, Founder

Andrii - Senior Tech Lead

Experience 13+ years in: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript

Mykola - Senior Tech Lead

Experience 17+ years in: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript




Lviv is a cultural, scientific, tourist, business and industrial center of Ukraine. With its population of about 1 million people, the city is among the largest outsourcing centers in Ukraine. Lviv has repeatedly been recognized as one of the top IT outsourcing locations due to its network of technical universities, highly qualified workforce, cultural and geographical proximity with Western Europe and many other factors. KPMG recognized Lviv as one of the best IT-BPO destinations along with 30 other cities in the world and number 2 among 11 cities in the EMEA region.

It is the leading educational center in Ukraine and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe, having almost 40 higher education institutions. The percentage of English speakers in the IT community is consistently measured at over 75%.

Since Lviv is located just a few miles from the EU border, the time-zone advantage and convenient airline connections also make our city a very attractive nearshoring destination.

Teams we build deliver fast results, collaborating with our clients for many years. By now, we’ve been working with companies from USA and Europe, but we are opened to any new partnerships globally.

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CyberCraft is an innovative and dynamic software development, outsourcing and consulting company. We have proven success and experience in building Dedicated Development Teams of different sizes for our international customers. Our main mission at CyberCraft is to create productive nearshore and offshore software development teams adjusted to the client’s needs.
We are a stable and reliable company with a well-established reputation and a number of successfully implemented projects for our customers in various industry verticals like financial services, information services and data technology.

+1 650 457 07 08 (US)
+380 63 99 11 633 (EU)
75a K.levitskogo
Lviv, Ukraine, 79017