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For the last 12 years, CyberCraft has been developing Golang applications that help our clients achieve their business goals. We work with organizations of different sizes – from start-ups to large corporations – and hold strong positions in the market of bespoke Go solutions. Our team approaches engineering problems using Agile methodology to guarantee efficiency, predictable and measurable results and keep the client fully engaged and informed on every stage of the project development.

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Why Us

Why hire Go Programmers with CyberСraft?

  1. Increased security

    You can be sure that all private data will be confidential in accordance with the recently updated GDPR policy standard.

  2. Professional Developers

    If there are no suitable local specialists, we can find specialists fitting perfectly the requested quality-price ratio.

  3. Full-cycle Development

    We support our clients at all stages and offer solutions for all phases of custom product development together.

  4. Quick integration

    Remote Go developers can quickly adapt to new working environment without losing your precious time. Fast project launch is guaranteed.

  5. Lifelong Tech Support

    CyberCraft offers all the necessary technical support required for smooth product performance and scalability.

  6. Fitting your project budget

    Opting for Go dev services can result in a 35% reduction in development costs, as it saves time and thereby reduces expenses, enabling a quicker launch of your business.


Go Development Services

With CyberCraft, you can hire Golang developers and build products that are easy to maintain and extend. Our tech-savvy engineering team prioritizes reducing cost and complexity while embracing technology. Trust us for consistent and high-quality results - robust, secure and scalable Golang-powered web solutions, backed by our commitment to established work processes.

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Custom Go Development

Golang is a transformative and efficient technology for developing products from the ground up. CyberCraft provides custom Golang solutions, covering B2B/B2C, cloud architecture, web services, and server apps, designed to fit your specific requirements. Expect scalable and impactful solutions from us.

Go Microservices

Go Microservices from CyberCraft offer a fast and efficient way to build and deploy scalable and resilient applications. Our team of expert Go developers utilize the latest technologies to design and develop custom microservices that meet your specific business needs. With Go microservices, you can quickly respond to changing business requirements and achieve increased flexibility, agility, and performance.

Golang Embed Solution

Golang Embed Solutions from CyberCraft provide a reliable and cost-effective way to embed technology into your products. Our team of experienced Go developers can help you design and build custom embedded solutions that meet your unique requirements. Golang's efficiency and versatility make it an ideal choice for embedded applications, and with CyberCraft, you can expect scalable and secure solutions that are easy to maintain.

Go Web Development

Go Web Development services from CyberCraft allow you to build fast, reliable, and scalable web applications. Our team of expert Go developers can help you design and build custom web solutions that meet your specific business needs. With Golang's efficiency and versatility, you can expect high-performing and secure web solutions that are easy to maintain.

Golang Consulting

Golang Consulting services from CyberCraft offer expert guidance and support for your Go projects. Our team of experienced Go developers can provide insights and recommendations to help you make informed decisions about your technology stack and implementation. Whether you're starting a new project or optimizing an existing one, CyberCraft's Golang Consulting services can help you maximize the potential of your technology investment.

Hire Senior Go developer
Hire senior Go developers to bring your project to the next level. Our experienced and skilled developers have a deep understanding of the Go programming language, allowing them to deliver high-quality, efficient, and scalable solutions. Whether you need to build a backend system, a cloud-based application, or a network service, our senior Go developers can help you achieve your goals. Partner with us for expert Go development and take your project to the next level.

Why Golang

What can you build with Go

  • IoT and embedded systems

    Go is well-suited for building IoT and embedded systems, due to its small runtime, fast performance, and efficient memory management. Go's ability to run on a variety of hardware platforms, including microcontrollers, makes it an ideal choice for IoT and embedded system development.

  • Distributed systems

    Go is a popular choice for building scalable and efficient distributed systems, such as web services, databases, and message queues. Go's simplicity and lack of inheritance and classes make it easier for developers to reason about complex systems and avoid common pitfalls associated with other languages.

  • Database systems

    Go is used to build efficient and scalable database systems. Its fast performance, efficient memory management, and built-in concurrency support make it a popular choice for developing database systems, from small, single-node databases to large, distributed databases that can handle millions of requests per second.

  • Gaming systems

    Go can be used to build gaming systems, game engines, and game AI. Go's performance, concurrency, and low-level control make it a good choice for game development. In game development, Go can be used to build systems for physics simulation, scene management, and AI, as well as for other parts of the game.

  • Microservices

    Go provides robust support for network communication and parallel processing, making it well-suited for building large-scale, highly-available systems. In addition, Go's simplicity, readability, and memory safety features make it easier for developers to build and maintain complex distributed systems.

  • Machine learning and AI systems

    Golang is a great choice for building machine learning and AI systems, as it offers high performance, scalability, and simplicity. Golang provides libraries for numerical computation, data manipulation, and visualization, making it well-suited for building machine learning algorithms and AI models.


Golang Technical Stack

Experienced Golang engineers employ the latest technologies, frameworks, and components to create solutions that combine a strong easy-to-use modern design with high performance.
  • Go Frameworks
  • Databases & ORM
  • Logging
  • Containers & Cloud

Our projects

Effective Solutions: Explore our projects

Discover some great products we’ve been providing for different industries and business types. 

CyberCraft transforms ideas and requirements into profitable solutions. Our case studies show our expertise in delivering results for eCommerce, real estate, e-learning, healthcare and more. Trust us to assemble a top-performing Golang development team tailored to your project.
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Global Cybersecurity Leader
Global Cybersecurity Leader

Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader, continually delivers innovation to enable secure digital transformation—even as the pace of change is accelerating.

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Fast solution for Continuous Integration and Deployment
Fast solution for Continuous Integration and Deployment

CyberCraft was chosen as a service provider. Our team proceeded with the project in 2013. Within several months, we introduced a dedicated development team consisting of five new developers, and they joined

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Mobile app for best photo contests
Mobile app for best photo contests

PikMe is the world’s first social media, photo-sharing game that anyone can win...

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Deal Marketplace Platform
Deal Marketplace Platform

The CyberCraft team developed a deal marketplace platform from scratch, introduced a matchmaking algorithm version 1.0 and a hosting server on Azure.

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Popular FAQs

What is Golang used for?

Golang, also known as Go, is an open-source programming language developed by Google in 2009. It was designed to be a fast, efficient, and statically typed language that would make it easy for developers to build large and complex applications.

Go is used for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Web Development
  • Systems Programming
  • Cloud Computing
  • DevOps
  • Networking

Go is widely used for building high-performance, scalable, and efficient applications in many different domains, and is well-regarded for its simplicity, reliability, and performance. Additionally, Go is a popular choice for building cloud-based and network-based applications due to its built-in support for concurrency and its fast performance.

Why choose Golang for development?

Go is chosen for its performance, concurrency, simplicity, safety, cross-platform compatibility, strong support and community, and well-developed ecosystem. It is suitable for building high-performance, scalable systems and cloud-based services, as well as simple, easy-to-use tools and utilities. Go is a versatile, efficient, and well-supported language that is well-suited for building a wide range of applications, from high-performance systems and cloud-based services to simple, easy-to-use tools and utilities.

Can Golang be used for developing mobile applications?

Go can be used for developing mobile applications. While Go is primarily known for its use in building back-end systems, web applications, and other server-side applications, it can also be used for developing mobile applications, both for iOS and Android.

There are a few options for developing mobile applications using Go, including:

  • Using Go with an existing mobile framework: Go can be integrated with existing mobile frameworks, such as React Native or Xamarin, to build cross-platform mobile applications.
  • Using Go with a platform-specific toolkit: Go can be integrated with platform-specific toolkits, such as GoMobile for iOS or Android, to build native mobile applications.
  • Using Go with a cross-platform toolkit: Go can be integrated with cross-platform toolkits, such as Gomobile or Gobuilder, to build cross-platform mobile applications that run on both iOS and Android.

In each of these cases, Go can be used to write the back-end logic for the application, while the mobile framework or toolkit provides the front-end user interface and other platform-specific functionality. This can provide a number of benefits, including faster development times, improved performance, and easier cross-platform compatibility.

What kind of applications can be developed using Golang?

Golang  is a versatile programming language that can be used for developing a wide range of applications, including:

  • Web Applications: Go is well-suited for building fast, scalable, and concurrent web applications, and is often used for building high-traffic websites, e-commerce platforms, and web-based APIs.
  • System Programs: Go is designed for systems programming, and can be used for developing operating systems, device drivers, network protocols, and other low-level system components.
  • Cloud-Based Services: Go is well-suited for building cloud-based services, such as microservices, serverless applications, and other scalable, distributed systems.
  • Networking Tools: Go is often used for developing networking tools, such as proxies, firewalls, and network monitors, due to its performance and support for concurrency.
  • Command-Line Utilities: Go is often used for developing simple, efficient, and easy-to-use command-line utilities and scripts, due to its minimalist syntax and support for efficient string and text processing.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Go can be used for developing artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, due to its support for data processing and numerical computation, as well as its integration with popular machine learning libraries and tools.
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Go can be used for developing blockchain and cryptocurrency applications, due to its support for low-level cryptographic functions and secure networking, as well as its integration with popular blockchain libraries and tools.
How much does it cost to Hire Go developer?

The cost of hiring a Go (Golang) developer can range anywhere from $30 to $200 per hour or more, depending on several factors including location, experience, project complexity, and contract type. On average, the cost is around $100-150 per hour. Additionally, it’s important to consider the communication and collaboration skills of the developer, as well as their ability to understand and meet your project requirements. You want to hire a developer who you can trust to deliver your project on time and on budget, while also being able to handle any issues or changes that arise during the development process.

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