Palo Alto Network

Enterprise-Grade Security for the home and small business

  • Type of business Enterprise
  • Location United States
  • Industry ISV & Technology
  • Technologies Embedded Linux, VPN, Tunneling, Embedded C/C++, GoLang, GitLab, Google Cloud

Global Cybersecurity Leader

Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader, continually delivers innovation to enable secure digital transformation—even as the pace of change is accelerating. The company serves as a cybersecurity partner for 85,000 worldwide customers. 

Okyo Garde is a trademark of Palo Alto Networks. The product is designed for work-from-home employees and businesses of different sizes. It delivers security through seamless integration with a premium mesh-enabled Wi-Fi 6 system. Okyo provides superior Wi-Fi speed and coverage, and unparalleled protection from malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and more, all through the advanced technology of Palo Alto Networks. And, it’s all visible and easily controlled through a simple mobile app on a smartphone, which immediately elevates the level of digital security for all work and personal endeavors. 

Company Needs

Okyo Garde is a network security solution that’s neatly packaged to be deployed in employees’ homes to support work-from-home (WFH) use cases. The product combines hardware, software, and security services into one seamless, simple subscription. 

Our client sought to lead Okyo Garde to a whole new level, making it a suitable tool for enterprises, small businesses, and work-at-home employees that require world-class security. 

Palo Alto Networks needed to:

  • Develop unique and robust cybersecurity capabilities that can make Okyo Garde a perfect fit for companies of different sizes and their employees
  • Develop release workflow
  • Build automation system from scratch
  • Implement, support, and integrate automation tests to CI

Partnership with CyberCraft

Okyo Garde refers to products that can occupy a free niche on the market. Since the solution is unique, it has an excellent chance to succeed and generate profit. And we are proud that our team has contributed to the product enhancement:

  • Development and integration of the robust, high-performance reconciliation system for tracking and delivering parameters to millions of remote devices 
  • Creation of the system for automatic on-demand deployment of RADIUS proxies with user-defined parameters
  • Implementation of systems for guaranteed asynchronous parameters collection and delivery

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