Chime Test Store & Stampede

Testing store & load testing and reporting platform for a financial technology company

  • Type of business Enterprise
  • Location United States
  • Industry Banking
  • Technologies Ruby on Rails, React, Database PostgreSQL


Chime was founded as a financial technology company by Chris Britt and Ryan King in 2012. It was supposed to become the bank account of the future and change people’s financial lives, giving them more control over their assets.   

By partnering with local banks, the company aims to design member-first financial products. Chime’s offerings create a more competitive market and suitable lower-cost banking options for Americans. To generate income, Chime doesn’t apply fees and charges – the revenue comes mostly from transactions and rewards paid by Visa when a member uses the relevant Chime card. Chime aims at profiting with members, not from them.       

Company Needs

Chime needed to perform tasks related to two different projects. 

The first project was a Chime testing store that acts as a merchant accepting credit/debit cards. A Chime testing store generates financial messages which interact with Chime systems across different environments and configurations. It should include private APIs that need to be used in relation to a specific transaction, such as endpoints on GSimulator, but without an attempt to create or modify a user’s state. 

The second project was Stampede, which serves as a solution for performance testing, monitoring, and reporting needs. Chime needed to perform the following tasks for Stampede:

  • Create a test profile that holds all the data, scripts, and other properties associated with a service (test data, test scripts, environment, and load properties associated with BAS should be a one service profile) 
  • Combine one or more service profiles with actual load testing parameters defined by test suites and tests execution  

Partnership With CyberCraft

We provided a foundational set of services that enable end-to-end testing of transactions for the Chime testing store. To this end, our team implemented Test Store and Payment Gateway acting as merchant and payment gateway with a network occupying the service level above Galileo or Fin Plat.

It was crucial to introduce GSimulator. The Payment Gateway understands how to format a transaction request and where to send that transaction, GSim handles requests. Additional functionality was added to GSim for authorization, capture, and void actions modeled off of Visa and API responses. Chime testing store has enabled members of the Services org to validate various components of the Chime system.

As for Stampede project, our team managed to:

  • Create a live monitoring and reporting process based on test execution, raw data, JMeter dashboard, and DataDog report link
  • Introduce a feature of execution responsible for taking the parameters from the test suite, based on the load properties and throughput requirements, deciding the number of agents needed for the test, creating load test agents, and executing the actual load tests

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