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CyberCraft’s team works oт application maintenance and support to ensure its stable work. Our specialists identify and address bugs, check and improve performance, which helps an application to run smoothly.

Rich experience allows us to adapt apps to an environment that can change during the lifecycle of the product. On the basic step, we choose the appropriate strategy documenting and systemizing it. This serves as the guarantee that the product is going to be top-notch and can meet users’ needs. The main focuses are stabilization and optimization of the app. How to achieve these goals?

Debugging, modification and creation of the new additional solutions suitable for improvements in the future are at the core of application maintenance and support. The service includes various steps:

1 step

Adjusting the app design & functionality to any new conditions.

2 step

Implementing requests provided by users or owners of the app.

3 step

Development of the new version of the product.

4 step

Fixing bugs.

Advantages of application maintenance and support provided by CyberCraft



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Post-release support

What do full-fledged application
maintenance & support include?

This service differs according to clients’ needs and can include activities aimed to support the application system, troubleshooting, enhancing, and modifying the product. Maintenance and support have a tremendous influence on the app, so they should be based on the next processes:

Our processes

For top-notch maintenance & support


Review of the code

CyberCraft’s team checks whether the code fits the project requirements and needs. To achieve this, we conduct deep research, including unit tests, evaluation of the code reliability and quality.

Group (1)

Implementation of DevOps and CI/CD

Errors that appear after post-release are standard problems. To reduce their number and make any update more reliable, we use a wide set of tools - from test automation to containerizing apps.

migrating 1

Working with Cloud

The main task is to analyze resource consumption. Our team finds out ways on how to optimize consumption. Also, we can manage the cloud resource.

interactive 1

Integrated testing, both manual and automated

The right combination of tests accelerates new releases, allowing us to find more bugs & fix them before the final delivery of the product.

framework 1

Monitoring the infrastructure of an application

Any database or data storage should be monitored. Such an approach serves as a guarantee that everything runs smoothly. The same situation with cybersecurity to which we also pay enough attention.


Working with app security

The core requirement for any application is reliability. To achieve this, CyberCraft’s team permanently upgrades security, paying attention to existing threats and vulnerabilities. Also, we run a misconfiguration diagnostic and implement different types of penetration testing. After the work is finished, clients receive extended reports with all vulnerabilities and steps that fix them.

process 1

Management and monitoring

An application must fit the regulations of different industries, so we scan and analyze it to ensure that this goal is achieved. Also, we give clients recommendations on how to work with vulnerabilities that were found.

risk 1

Checking app performance

It’s significant to carry out the testing related to application performance. Such an approach helps to avoid slowdowns or other problems that can worsen the user experience.

Application support & maintenance tasks


Any application has errors and bugs, and a great deal of work must be done to fix the bugs, as well as to avoid them in the future. As usual, these errors are discovered by QA engineers or users.


Requirements for the software products and solutions change from time to time, so it’s important to modify and update applications in accordance with new conditions. This type of service is outlined in application maintenance and support.

Designer Programmer SEO


Literate maintenance helps to improve an application taking into account the long-term goals


Ensuring that bugs & glitches do not crop up anytime in the future and so taking preventive actions now in this regard.

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