Aviatrix enhances cloud security, and compliance, and operationalizes multi-cloud environments. Recognized by Gartner, Aviatrix is trusted by over 500 clients worldwide.
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About the project

Aviatrix is a cloud native networking company. Unlike any other networking vendor, the Aviatrix software platform understands the cloud provider’s native constructs. This allows clients to leverage and control the native constructs directly, using the cloud provider’s APIs, extending their capabilities, and integrating them into turnkey solutions that accelerate the cloud journey.

The Aviatrix platform improves cloud security and compliance posture, providing companies with the visibility and control to operationalize multi-cloud. According to Gartner, organizations looking for advanced networking functionality missing from native cloud should shortlist Aviatrix. The total number of worldwide clients, which exceeds 500, confirms the demand for this solution.

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Technical support

Challenges that was faced and overcame

Enhancing the existing software solution
  • The project required us to assist Aviatrix in enhancing their software solution to redefine networking for the cloud. This involved addressing technical complexities and introducing new features to meet evolving industry requirements
Enhancing the existing software solution Enhancing the existing software solution mobile
Cloud infrastructure deployment
  • We had to address challenges related to deploying Aviatrix’s solution in various cloud environments. This involved ensuring compatibility, scalability, and seamless integration with different cloud providers’ infrastructure
Cloud infrastructure deployment  Cloud infrastructure deployment   mobile
Operational visibility
  • Aviatrix required improved operational visibility into their clients’ multi-cloud networks. Our challenge was to develop mechanisms and tools that would provide comprehensive insights, reporting capabilities to facilitate effective management & troubleshooting
Operational visibility Operational visibility mobile
Empowering enterprise IT control
  • Aviatrix sought to put enterprise IT back in control of their cloud networking. We needed to design and implement solutions that would enable organizations to have greater visibility, control, and management over their multi-cloud environments
Empowering enterprise IT control Empowering enterprise IT control mobile

Technologies used

Our experienced engineers employ the latest technologies, frameworks, and components to create solution that combine a strong easy-to-use modern design with high performance

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10 Full Stack Developers
2 Support Engineers
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Our Team

Our team consisted of ten full stack developers and two support engineers. The team build this project from scratch and was also involved in periodic maintenance and support. We understood the complex project requirements and delivered a high-quality end product that surpassed our client’s expectations.
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10 Full Stack Developers
2 Support Engineers
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Value delivered

As a result of our cooperation, Aviatrix solidified its position as a trusted and reliable cloud network platform. The advanced networking, security, and operational visibility services offered by Aviatrix were enhanced and refined with our assistance.

Enterprises benefited from Aviatrix’s improved capabilities in networking, security, and operational visibility. The platform successfully addressed the complexities of multi-cloud environments, empowering enterprise IT to regain control over their cloud networking.

Additionally, the collaboration between CyberCraft and Aviatrix ensured that the simplicity and automation of the cloud were maintained. This balance was crucial to enable seamless adoption and usability of the platform by enterprises.

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