White-Label SaaS Monetization Platform

Polymorph is a white-label monetization platform, helping publishers to maximize their revenue, reduce costs and improve their advertising.

  • Type of business Enterprise
  • Location United States
  • Industry Advertising
  • Technologies AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure


Polymorph was founded in 2013 and aspired to become a leading provider of the monetization infrastructure for modern enterprises. The Polymorph platform offers an end-to-end ad serving stack, yield optimization tools, APIs, access to demand on server-side and self-serve workflows. Modern enterprises who want to monetize with advertising choose this customizable and developer-friendly platform as it aligns with their needs and strategies.

Polymorph allows modern publishers to define their own branded ads, delivering their data to custom segments of users across devices. Moreover, it also allows them to manage and deliver campaigns from direct and indirect demand sources. It serves 15 000 sites & apps.

Polymorph’s technology includes a high-speed ad server, a self-serve interface, and server-side header bidding. This makes advertising easier for thousands of brands and helps deliver more relevant ads to consumers.

In 2019, Walmart acquired the technology and assets of Polymorph Labs. The technology complements Walmart’s existing ad tech investments, including its omnichannel ad-targeting and measurement solution. It could be also expanded into new areas like real-time auctions across multiple pricing models (cost per click, cost per impression, and cost per conversion). At Walmart, Polymorph’s technology will allow advertisers to target segments based on shopping behavior.

Company Needs

Polymorph required external help with the transition between cloud providers. The task of migration consists of mandatory steps, including a data-migration plan, establishing KPIs and performance baselines. Also, Polymorph needed a framework to transit services to the container architecture. All the tasks, including monitoring, had to be performed by experienced tech specialists.

Partnership With CyberCraft

  • Deployment of the infrastructure elements for collecting, processing, transmitting, and storing information
  • Monitoring existing services, development and implementation of the new ones
  • Development of the framework to transit services to the container architecture (Docker, Kubernetes, Helm)
  • Cooperation with different cloud providers at different integration stages
  • Evaluation of services and finding problem areas to eliminate them as soon as possible
Sam Merry
Sam Merry

Principal Architect, Polymorph

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