Career Management Advisory

Banff Advisors is the premier career management advisory that is tailor-made for executives, serving as a partner to high-performing leaders throughout their careers.

  • Type of business Enterprise
  • Location United States
  • Industry HR, Recruitment Tool
  • Technologies ReactJS, TypeScript, Python

Banff Advisors

Banff Advisors was founded to serve executives who want to be proactive in fulfilling their career ambitions, but lack dedicated partnership, transparency, and advocacy. The aim is to remove chance and replace it with purpose and ownership, shifting career paths from reactive to proactive.

Leveraging decades of experience in the talent industry company has developed Contender, a discreet and confidential platform that connects vetted exceptional talent with leading executive search teams – at the right time, for the right roles. This platform allows managing individual career paths.

Company Needs

To secure a position in the desired company, every leader – whether CEO, CTO, or senior manager – requires certain skills and useful connections. Banff Advisors served executives in achieving these goals and needed a tool to track routine tasks, including the addition of new clients, connections, and employment.

A website was designed to replace Excel sheets and appeared to be an efficient task tracking tool for career advisors, teams of searchers, and investors. With this platform, they can check databases of candidates – Banff Advisors customers who embark on a new career path. However, the company needed frequent enhancements of the developed website, which included:

  • Updating and improving the website code, both the UI part and backend written in Python
  • Fixing errors
  • Extending the website functionality (one of such extensions foresees the automation of email distribution to inform candidates about important developments)

Partnership With CyberCraft

Together with the client, our team determined the list of improvements to be introduced. We created a form for adding candidates, a dedicated page for team members to rate candidates, a form for adding clients, and a few pages with tables for easier access to related data.

Banff Advisors achieved the following benefits:

  • Support and extension of the existing platform functionality
  • Iteration tracking to monitor the current candidate’s status and progress
  • Personalization of the provided service through the proprietary platform
  • Tasks automation which improves user experience and quickly gives clients  transparency to the market

Head of Technology, Talent Advisory Company

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