Financial Reporting and Workflow Tool

Modularity is a deeply collaborative financial reporting and workflow tool that supports the finance function by connecting all stakeholders to their financial information.

  • Type of business Enterprise
  • Location United States
  • Industry FinTech
  • Technologies Ruby on Rails, MVC, React, TypeScript, Database MySQL

Financial Reporting and Workflow Tool

Modularity is the collaborative finance platform founded by Doug and Stephen who were previously involved as experts in finance, accounting, and product management. They encountered difficulties in managing FP&A at high-growth startups. 

The challenges were related to inefficient static dashboards, obtaining data from FP&A systems, split emailing with departments, headcount forecasting, and so on. Doug and Stephen decided to create their own approach and develop a suitable platform.        

Company Needs

Modularity suits managers, department leaders, and budget-line decision makers. Being a deeply collaborative financial reporting and workflow tool, it connects all stakeholders to their financial information. Therefore, the platform allows users to properly allocate the budget, operating in an informed manner.      

To enhance the product, our client was looking for a team, which will be able to:

  • Implement features that help automate the reporting of numbers
  • Develop functionality for purchase requisition, orders, packing slips, and vendor bills
  • Create well-thought-out vendor functionality


Partnership With CyberCraft

Our cooperation with the client has contributed to product improvement. We focused on providing the features required by all stakeholders, thus enabling Modularity to redefine the way organizations report financial information and transform existing processes. New capacities of the platform may improve the agility of companies of all sizes and stages that apply Modularity.              

CyberCraft has completed the following tasks:

  • Edit a Purchase Requisition & Order Draft
  • Convert Purchase Requisition into Purchase Order
  • Create a payment for received line-items of a Purchase Order
  • Automatically Transmit PO to Vendor
  • Edit a Purchase Order Draft

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