Next Gen Network Management System

Next Gen Network Management System

Next Gen Network Management System provides near real-time visibility of the networks, ITC infrastructures and interconnected computing resources.

  • Type of business Enterprise
  • Location United States
  • Industry Artificial Intelligence
  • Technologies C++, Python, PostgreSQL


Optoss creates comprehensive AI products to protect clients’ networks all over the globe. The company has introduced a series of advanced AI products capable of dealing with an ever-increasing volume of data and complexity in this space. The OPT/NET AI engine was originally built as a tool for its own telecom consulting practice and evolved into a series of stand-alone platforms with unlimited potential across a variety of critical and data-intensive industries.

One of the most notable Optoss products is NG-NetMS, which helps get visibility into networks and complex processes. It’s a new end-to-end network management platform for Linux servers, Cisco, Juniper, HP and Extreme routers, switches and firewalls. 

Company Needs

Optoss applied to CyberCraft to build a network management startup. NG-NetMS was supposed to collect data about the network inventory, topology, map of IPv4 addresses and analyze syslog events and SNMP alarms in near real time or from historical archives.

The project’s main goal was to create affordable network management software. NG-NetMS should be suitable for efficient network assessment. Moreover, it wasn’t supposed to be capped in terms of performance or number of nodes. 

Partnership With CyberCraft

CyberCraft started cooperation with Optoss in 2014. At the very beginning of cooperation there was a need to hire one technically strong engineer to review and rebuild the existing architecture of the NG-NetMS product. Also, the main task for this engineer was to establish all development processes and procedures to add more engineers to the dedicated development team. All these tasks were successfully completed.     

Ongoing cooperation between CyberCraft and Optoss has resulted in the following:

  • Successfully raised funding from ESA bic incubator
  • Business incubation grant from the European Space Agency
  • Applied intellectual property of the European Space Agency
Taras Matselyukh
Taras Matselyukh


Jay Moorthi
Jay Moorthi

Principal Engineer

Sam Merry
Sam Merry

Principal Architect at Polymorph

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