Whispercrush is an application or an integration for acquaintances on social media. Unlike traditional well-known dating apps Badoo and Tinder, whispercrush allows for keeping secrecy. What does it mean? Users install whispercrush as an add-on for Instagram, and then this application helps those who have been following each other and secretly crushing on each other for a long time to connect. As for whispercrush’s functionality, it enables users to manage matches, crushes, and more.
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About the project

iAs of now, whispercrush is a web application for anonymous acquaintances. In the future, it can be transformed into a mobile application for Android and iOS. With a user-friendly UI/UX design in a purely Instagram style and intuitive functionality,

The application consists of a few pages: your profile, recommendations, and two main pages – matches (someone you like also likes you) and crushes (your liked people). whispercrush has all chances to prosper as a mobile application. However, when the CyberCraft team embarked on the project, we were involved in brainstorming sessions to find the best approach for bringing a customer idea to life. Different suggestions were made to implement the project and determine the plan, but moving forward with an application rather than a chatbot was the right decision.

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Web development
UI/UX design

<Challenges> that was faced and overcame

Transform an idea into a MVP
Implement the recommendation algorithm
Leverage API integrations to bypass the blocking
Retrieve user information while bypassing Instagram restrictions
Technologies used
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2 Front-end developers
2 UI/UX designer
2 QA engineers
3 Backend developers

Our <Team>

To implement the project from scratch and add significant business value, CyberCraft built a dedicated software development team of two front-end developers, three back-end developers, two QA engineers, and a UI/UX designer.
Software developers
Software developers
Software developers
Software developers
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Value delivered

Our team delivered a ready-to-use desktop application, which is fully adapted to mobile devices. This application can be tested in the market and then transformed into a cross-platform mobile application. whispercrush has onboarding features to highlight the functionality and improve the user journey. Also, it has in-built capabilities for advertising.

Also, whispercrush provides users with a recommendation algorithm that allows for finding valuable connections. This feature involves complex analysis of user profile, interests, and current friends.

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