The dedicated software development team model has a very simple and transparent pricing structure. First - it includes a transparent monthly fee that depends on a team’s size. Secondly - the final invoice includes only the developers’ salaries + the service provider’s fee, which includes administrative overheads.

Dedicated Software Development Team Model

Own development team model is the same as opening up your own office in an outsourcing location and employing people for your specific needs. With the only exception – you don’t actually need to open up the office yourself, handle all hassle connected with its set-up and maintenance, deal with legal and financial aspects, payroll and bookkeeping, as well as with hiring and retention of employees in a foreign country. All these functions are covered by us – your trusted service provider.
You will need to do only one thing – conduct a final interview with the candidates who are thoroughly selected according to your requirements In the meanwhile, we’ll take care of the rest.
The cherry on top of this model is its absolute cost transparency. With our payment structure, you know and control every remote employee’s salary and pay a fixed fee for our services.
One invoice = salaries + CyberCraft’s fee.

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Whichever kind of team your project requires we've got you covered:


Set up your remote Dedicated Development Team in 4 simple steps:


100% customized team
Just tell us your requirements and get a dedicated team that is 100% customized to your needs and expectations.


160000+ IT talents
We have direct access to a pool of over 160,000 highly qualified IT talents with a wide range of technological skills and solid practical experience. Therefore, based on your requirements, we search for the best professionals for you using our internal resources and well-aligned recruitment strategies.


2 months to set up a team
The selection process is very thorough and you directly participate in it; we conduct as many interviews and technical tests as you need to find the right candidates. Then you choose and hire the best based on their results. Depending on the requirements, it usually takes up to two months to set up a dedicated team of five developers.


Full startup support and integration
We will help you integrate new employees into your existing dedicated team and will provide full startup support to work out the most efficient cooperation model for your distributed team, to establish communication and reporting procedures.

What's included in CyberCraft's fee


Evaluation and development


Cool office space
Technical infrastructure
System administration support


Employee registration
Legal protection
Payroll, taxes, sick leaves, etc.


Cooperation planning
Insuring 100% integration
Full consulting support at every stage

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Build your dedicated software development team in Ukraine

We will help to make your business grow faster than ever before. We will find the right team members according to your requirements. You don’t have to directly employ any people. We take care of this part and provide every employee with a comfortable workplace and benefits.
The only work on your side is to manage your own team of developers in any convenient way you prefer.

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