Software maintenance and support provided by professionals

According to a recent research, around 60-70% of tech companies’ IT budgets is spent on software maintenance and support. Additionally, in most mid-sized and large companies there is a mixture of various software and legacy systems that complicates software support. Therefore, in-house IT teams’ tasks are often shrunk to a helpdesk that is overloaded with routine maintenance tasks, leaving no time for new product development.

Sometimes, of course, it is possible to effectively handle IT support services through internal resources. However, outsourcing software maintenance and support can enable your team to focus on the primary tasks and business objectives while offering you significant cost savings. Whether you need product support, upgrades and enhancements or daily service and consulting, outsource these functions to professional software support specialists to improve the efficiency, reduce the cost of ownership and concentrate on the core processes and development of the new systems.


IT support services by a dedicated team

When your project requires post-development services, CyberCraft can provide these vital functions to you. We will provide a dedicated team of expert engineers that specialize exclusively in software maintenance and support. Based on your precise requirements, we will pre-select specialists who will provide technical support services of Premium quality. Long-term and reliable cooperation, as well as cost and time efficiency are the main assets of such working model.

CyberCraft offers the following types of IT support services that are carried out by custonly hired dedicated teams:

  • Adaptive – modify the system adapting to changes in software environment. Your hired IT support specialists can help you to change hardware configurations, data formats and integrate software with new technologies and operating systems.
  • Perfective – we can hire experts in implementing new or modified user requirements related to functional software enhancements. Updates to new versions, feature improvements and functionality addition – all those technical support services can be provided as far as you need them.
  • Corrective – custom hired software support specialists will diagnose and fix possible errors found by users. They will provide IT support services such as design bugs fixing, dealing with coding or semantic bugs when they arise.
  • Preventive – your software support engineers will increase software maintainability and stability to prevent problems based on customer feedback and past incidents.

We will screen carefully all the candidates, testing their skills before hiring, so that you can be sure to receive software support services of Premium quality tailored to your needs. Hire the team of professionals or just one expert depending on size of your project and type of software support needs. We provide you reliable partnerships for long term or short term in a few weeks.


Hire software support specialists by CyberCraft

Boasting a rich pool of highly skilled professionals, CyberCraft offers superb quality technical support services in both nearshoring and offshoring models. The company is located in the IT hub of Lviv, Ukraine, which has already gained an excellent reputation not only in Western and Eastern Europe, but also globally. When searching for software support specialists, these are common services needed by our clients:

  • Application maintenance
  • Version upgrades and enhancements
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Error tracking and debugging
  • Post-release and helpdesk support
  • Comprehensive user support
  • Documentation development and maintenance
  • Performance monitoring
  • Performance and QA testing

Thanks to our flexible approach we can adapt to your specific needs and requirements. Therefore, with CyberCraft you don’t have to spend long hours searching for an expert software support team to engage in software maintenance processes. Additionally, you no longer need to worry about providing IT support services yourself, thus freeing your resources for more important and strategic tasks. Our company is there to provide you with any kind of IT help, maximizing your ROI and improving the business processes.

“Our company is there to provide you with any kind of IT help, maximizing the return on investment and improving your business processes."

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