Software maintenance and support    by tech experts

When your project requires post-development services, CyberCraft can provide these vital functions to you. We will provide a dedicated team of expert engineers that specialize exclusively in software maintenance and support.  Long-term and reliable cooperation, as well as cost and time efficiency are the main assets of such working model. Avoid overloading your helpdesk with routine maintenance tasks. Instead, leave the time for new product development.  

IT support services we offer

Why deliver software maintenance & support to us?

By outsourcing software maintenance and support to a remote partner, your team can focus on primary tasks and business objectives. Professional software support specialists will improve the product efficiency, reduce the cost of ownership and let you concentrate on the core processes and development of the new systems.
With CyberCraft, you don’t have to spend long hours searching for a professional software support team, as we build it up for you.

Services we offer

Application maintenance
Version upgrades and enhancements
Technical troubleshooting
Error tracking and debugging
Post-release and helpdesk support
Comprehensive user support
Documentation development & maintenance
Performance monitoring
Performance and QA testing

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Boasting a rich pool of highly skilled professionals, CyberCraft offers superb quality technical support services in both nearshoring and offshoring models. The company is located in the IT hub of Lviv, Ukraine, which has already gained an excellent reputation not only in Western and Eastern Europe, but also globally.
Our flexible approach means that we adapt to your specific needs and requirements. Our company is there to provide you with solid IT help, maximizing your ROI and improving the business processes.
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