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7 MindSets

Social Emotional Learning Solution — platform to build meaningful relationships in the classroom

  • Type of business Enterprise
  • Location United States
  • Industry Education
  • Technologies Figma, Miro, Maze

7 MindSets

The social emotional learning platform was created as a space where students could thrive, teachers succeed, and leaders guide a positive and engaged school community. The 7 MindSets are suitable for children from kindergartens to schools — the platform was designed to increase attendance, engagement and academic success, while reducing behavioral issues and suspensions. 

The main idea here is that social emotional learning (SEL) can be taught, modeled, and practiced and leads to positive student outcomes. SEL is beneficial for teachers who influence the development of children, contributing to the emergence of the appropriate leadership and collaboration. 

Company Needs

Our client needed the full re-design of their SEL platform. The main requirements were the following:

  • Short term for the project implementation
  • Modern methodologies of UI/UX design
  • Customer experience application (concepts were designed in the collaboration with teachers and formed the basis of the website architecture and functionality)   


Partnership With CyberCraft

In cooperation with the client, CyberCraft team has redefined the SEL platform. We developed and tested different concepts that determine layout and architecture of the website. Service improvements were introduced given almost one millionth audience.        

Sam Merry
Sam Merry

Principal Architect, Polymorph

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Taras Matselyukh


Jon Randall
Jon Randall

V.P. Software Development at Allgress

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