Hey Professor

Hey Professor is a learning platform that helps parents to find the perfect teachers for their children. Tutors can use this e-learning solution to conduct lessons on their own terms. The logic behind Hey Professor is similar to Preply: both projects are e-learning platforms that offer personalized and group lesson plans. With Hey Professor, users can get a personalized learning experience using video conferences to connect with their preferred teacher.
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About the project

Hey Professor connects teachers and students, providing them with the required functionality for personalized educational sessions. It’s a trusted and qualified network of educators, which enables parents to easily find perfect teachers on different grade levels to arrange learning sessions for their kids. There are no contracts, so users pay only for the scheduled and conducted lessons.
As for roles in the system, Hey Professor provides several accounts for users: teacher, student, guardian/parent. Available functionality differs depending on the role, and therefore, permissions in the system. For instance, elementary school students can’t configure the environment and only join the lessons, the conditions of which are defined by their parents.

Built upon a safe and secure online environment, Hey Professor involves SSL encoding, modern encryption methods applied for data, and the protection of personal information from third parties.

In addition, the CyberCraft team implemented the payment integration, so that parents can pay for the lessons without the risk of personal data leaks. Another active security feature is the verification of teachers who want to join the platform: Hey Professor connects with the third-party service to check the existence of any fines or a criminal record.

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Development for StartUps
Web development
Technical support

Challenges that was faced and overcame

Build business logic, design, development, and testing — from scratch
Our team should have designed and integrated the chat for real-time communication
The important project challenge to be mitigated was custom schedule development and adoption
PayPal payment integration wasn’t as challenging though required attention to detail
The multi-stage user verification including external and internal screening.
Custom search with various filters that allows finding the best teacher

Technologies used

Our experienced engineers employ the latest technologies, frameworks, and components to create solution that combine a strong easy-to-use modern design with high performance.

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4 Full Stack Developer
1 QA Engineer
1 UI/UX Designer
1 Project Manager

Our Team

Our team consisted of four full stack developers, a UI/UX designer, one project manager and one quality assurance engineer. The team build this project from scratch and was also involved in periodic maintenance and support. We understood the complex project requirements and delivered a high-quality end product that surpassed our client’s expectations.
4 Full Stack Developer
1 QA Engineer
1 UI/UX Designer
1 Project Manager
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Value delivered

Our team has successfully developed website architecture and implemented an e-learning platform with different roles for users. We ensure quick time-to-market by crafting an e-learning MVP in 3 months.

As a result, Hey Professor can address the problem related to distance education. It helps parents to find competent teachers and spend less time doing homework with their children.

The system represents an MVP, which can be expanded and enhanced in the future, though it already includes the following core functionalities:

  • Holding video sessions via the platform;
  • Communication through an internal chat;
  • Built-in payment via PayPal or banking card;
  • Management of child accounts on the part of parents;
  • The floating price for the lessons set by teachers.

Hey Professor overcomes similar platforms in terms of flexibility, pay efficiency, and performance. The e-learning platform is fully covered by automation and manual tests and ready to use after the MVP stage.

Our team also implemented DDoS attack protection and mitigation, blocking traffic from malicious bots with the help of Google captcha and Rack middleware for blocking & throttling abusive requests.

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