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Real Estate Intelligence Solution

Cred IQ makes Real Estate Intelligence accessible for everyone

  • Type of business Enterprise
  • Location United States
  • Industry Real Estate
  • Technologies ReactJS, TypeScript, Python

Cred IQ

Cred IQ serves as a data, analytics, and valuation partner that helps commercial real estate professionals uncover financing, leasing, and investment opportunities. The company grants clients access to $2.0 trillion of commercial real estate data property, giving access to market and economic insights from maturic loans to expiring leases.      

With Cred IQ help, companies can assess property valuation by applying cash flow analysis. The Operating Advisor team supports customers in making better decisions and oversees CMBS trusts. Cred IQ integrates data directly into an analytics platform or enriches existing data with valuable insights.  

Company Needs

Cred IQ needed a reliable tool that provides actionable insights to CRE and capital markets investors. It was supposed to be a powerful CRE data, analytics, and valuation platform that lets brokers, lenders, and investors find opportunities and make smarter decisions.

Requirements for development of the platform were the following: 

  • User-friendly interface
  • Leading-edge technologies
  • Well-considered functionality to identify valuable leads for leasing, lending, refinancing, distressed debt, and acquisition opportunities.   

Partnership With CyberCraft

As a result of our cooperation, Cred IQ obtained an enhanced platform with extensive capabilities. The distinguishing feature of the platform is a wide list of data points: loan, property, tenant, valuations, l borrower/ownership, phone numbers, emails, addresses, financial information, and 500 more data points per property. Cred IQ has managed to create a platform which gives users a chance to explore the CRE universe.          

Sam Merry
Sam Merry

Principal Architect, Polymorph

Taras Matselyukh
Taras Matselyukh


Jon Randall
Jon Randall

V.P. Software Development at Allgress

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