Solano CI is a blazingly fast web and cloud based solution for Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment. It dramatically reduces testing time — from hours to minutes and minutes to seconds — enabling engineers to focus on building and innovating! By harnessing Solano Labs’ proprietary parallel optimization technology and fully-managed cloud infrastructure, engineers see results 10 to 50 times faster than before, saving time and money. With this product, developers can concentrate on creating software, not wrangling with test environment.

History of cooperation:

CyberCraft started cooperation with Solano Labs in 2013.
Within several months we introduced a dedicated development team of 5 new developers and they joined Solano Labs at Lviv office of CyberCraft Inc.
In 2017 Solano Labs was acquired by General Electric Digital when integration of existing product and team has been in process.

Company achievements with our help:

Successfully raised two rounds of multi-million funding
Extended their product portfolio
Added 3 of the Top 10 SaaS Companies of 2015 to their customer list

Achieved Amazon Web Services DevOps Competency
In 2017 Solano Labs company was acquired by GE digital


At the moment the team consists of two Scrum sub teams. Each team consists of the following specialists:
  • technical lead
  • senior engineers
  • intermediate engineers
  • junior engineers
  • trainees

Client’s testimonial

“CyberCraft has accelerated our business by identifying strong software developers, shepherding the process of interviewing and selecting the candidates, and providing a stable environment for our team to sit down and get to work. CyberCraft management team has been key to this success, applying their ethics, knowledge and extensive experience to ensure that our developers are happy and as productive as they can be.”


Company customers: