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The Crayons Initiative brings happiness to children who are facing the stress of hospitalization by giving them tools to make art

  • Type of business Enterprise
  • Location United States
  • Industry Housing & Healthcare
  • Technologies Figma, Miro, Maze


The Crayons Initiative was founded by Bryan Ware who dedicated himself to combining his manufacturing skills and his love for the arts to help children in need. The company provides kids in hospitals with free crayons — and the power to face their challenges with the freedom to make art. Over 3 million people are pitching in, including employees of Visa, Cisco, HBO and Vodafone. The Crayons Initiative has been covered by The Today Show, BuzzFeed, NBC Nightly News, O Magazine, and People Magazine.

Company Needs

The Crayons Initiative operation efficiency depends entirely on the website. Therefore, our client needed to:

  • Improve the skeleton of the platform
  • Correct existing inaccuracies in the functionality
  • Speed up platform performance and resolve potential logical errors
  • Ensure synchronization of information with partner services and import data from auxiliary data warehouses
  • Implement new functionality and project support to meet customer expectations

Partnership With CyberCraft

Our team cooperated closely with the client to:

  • Launch an improved website for administrators and users 
  • Fix all logical errors and update existing functionality 
  • Implement data synchronization with the help of Hubspot and add all application settings
  • Introduce new functionality according to customer expectations
  • Enhance the quality of the platform and its performance

The reorganization of the structure had a positive impact on speed, which made it easier to work on new functionality. We increased the number of tests, ensuring performance, stability, and reliability of the platform. Our commitment to what we did allowed us to exceed customer expectations. 


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