JavaScript is currently the main language for website/web application development, as it is supported by all major browsers and has numerous integration options. The history of JavaScript began as far back as 1995. The initial idea was to make a language that would make creation of web pages more dynamic by using animation and other types of interactivity. However, modern JavaScript is usable not only for webpage programming but also for much more complex tasks.

JavaScript Developer Needed: Main Technologies

Would you like to hire a JavaScript developer? According to a Statista research, JavaScript is a the most used programming language worldwide. JavaScript is a crucial tool for design, animation, and creation of applications. Combined with HTML and CSS, it can easily make any web page interactive, user-friendly and attractive.

JavaScript is a general-purpose & object-oriented language. Qualified JavaScript developer can create games, animated 2D or 3D graphics, massive applications with databases, well, virtually anything in software development. Despite its compactness, JavaScript is also very flexible. With years, it was supplemented by a vast number of tools and libraries.

A front end JavaScript developer can create an interface by using only three components: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. First, he describes a page structure by using HTML. Secondly, he chooses CSS to manage a visual concept and creates dynamic and interactive elements thanks to JavaScript. Thanks to Document Object Model (DOM), the code objects are stored conveniently, can be launched at any time and reused.

For the development, a JavaScript programmer does not need any other special tools except browser and text editor to create the HTML documents. Since the program written in JavaScript is embedded into the HTML document, it is possible to see the results immediately and make any required adjustments.

What Kind of Projects Can Be Done By Top JavaScript Developers?

A professional full stack JavaScript developer can use JavaScript for a vast number of tasks and applications. The language allows to build UI elements like auto-correction text boxes, dialog boxes, navigation menus, countdown clock, form validators, etc. It is also suitable for API services like video search, map locations, real-time newsfeed, etc. It is widely used in e-commerce calculations, creation of shopping cart frontends and other interactive features. Social media and chat clients also appeared thanks to possibilities this language provides.

Skills and Qualifications Required for a Full Stack JavaScript Developer

To choose the right JavaScript developer needed for your project, take a closer look at specific requirements for a qualified senior JavaScript developer:

  • Expert knowledge of JavaScript and comprehension of its fundamental elements (variables, comments, conditionals, operators, functions, click events);
  • Expertise in application of various front-end and back-end frameworks with needed functions according to each specific task(Angular.js, React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, etc.);
  • Knowledge of jQuery and a wide range of JS libraries which are used for debugging, performance optimization, testing, package management, etc.;
  • Considerable web development and coding experience (HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript and its frameworks);
  • Strong understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work with them;
  • Fundamental knowledge of CSS preprocessors (Sass, LESS) & their features;
  • Understanding of main web development principles using JavaScript;
  • Good knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 to be comfortable with basic design tasks.

Employing the Outstaffing Services to Hire JavaScript Programmer

In an ever-changing world there are several non-standard cooperation models that ensure more efficient human resource management. Outstaffing is one of them, especially if you are looking to hire a JavaScript programmer. Hiring the right JavaScript engineer has never ever been so easy. Cybercraft offers you our assistance throughout the entire hiring process – we will find a JavaScript software developer according to your project’s requirements. We are ready to provide you with IT specialists of different skills levels from junior JavaScript developer to the most skilled one. Once you receive the list of suitable candidates, just decide who  will join your dedicated team to start working immediately.

JS Team: The Benefits of Outstaffing

Outstaffing becomes increasingly popular due to its multiple advantages for a company:

  • No need to involve your staff in a time-consuming recruitment process.

  • Project costs are optimized – no need to host your JS team as they will work remotely; additionnally, you can minimize the employment expenditures as you pay fewer taxes and maintenance fees.

  • Bureaucratic issues will become history.

  • You retain the direct control over your assembled team. You direct the operation of your JavaScript developers at every development stage.

  • You can always evaluate the skills and expertise of candidates and choose senior JavaScript developer according to the project’s requirements.

  • It is possible to hire JS developer only for specific tasks, for the whole project, and even establish the long-term partnership with one or more programmers.

Hire JavaScript Programmer: Libraries and Frameworks Most Used by JS Software Developers

JQuery is one of the most popular and time-tested JS libraries, which is a set of various plugins and extensions. To be exact, this framework makes web development faster and easier. Instead of writing everything from scratch, thanks to jQuery JS engineers can add the complete modules and modify them to a project. Developers use JQuery to add a countdown timer, an autocomplete search form or even a table that can be automatically rebuilt and resized.

JavaScript frameworks are of great importance for a rapid development. They form a basis of application pages, allowing top JavaScript developers to worry less about implementing the solutions to routine tasks and focus on creating complex interface elements. Frameworks speed up the development process greatly, giving JavaScript software developer an accelerated start.

The most popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries:
- JQuery;
- Angular.js;
- Ember.js;
- React.js;
- Vue.js;
- Meteor.js;
- Node.js.


JavaScript Development Company: Summary

Cybercraft JavaScript Development company has established qualitative and long-term cooperation with a vast number of companies based in EU and the USA. We provide the best JavaScript developers while forming skillful and professional dedicated teams for each specific project. The numerous success stories of our clients speak for themselves.

Are you interested in hiring professional JS software developers? Contact us to find out more about the outstaffing services we provide.

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