Any software solution needs proper and timely QA software testing. Mininizing risks and revealing bugs on every stage of the development process is an integral component of successful software implementation. Thus, companies of any size or type need software testing services to stay competitive and deliver bug-free solutions. Our highly-skilled IT recruiters and consultants are ready to help you with that. Relying on a hands-on experience in IT staffing & team augmentation they will find real professionals in qa software testing. Companies can ensure a complete security of their software solutions, becoming more agile and robust in a dynamic environment.

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There are two major types of software testing, each having its own advantages. Choose the one fitting you best:

Manual testing

Manual testing

It’s more flexible type of qa testing, enabling to explore extra bugs and small issues. It’s best for checking usability of software solutions.

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Automation testing

Automation testing

This type is rather used for large & complex projects, allowing for faster & easier testing process. It’s also cost-effective if you need to hire multiple qa engineers.

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Types of software testing

Bringing together a wide range of testing tools, rich domain expertise and the needed resources, our company will become your trusted partner in qa software testing. We advice on, hire and maintain professionals offering software qa services according to your business needs. These may include:

Software testing
outsourcing to CyberCraft

We are a fast growing & trusted software company that has been providing offshore software testing services since 2012. Our core specificity is building dedicated teams of experts that we customly hire for our clients. Such a cooperation model offers more flexibility and reliability at the same time. Many companies choose software testing outsourcing services due to multiple advantages they entail:

access to a wide pool of professionals in QA software testing
minimizing possible security risks & vulnerabilities
complete data privacy & GDPR compliance
goal-oriented and flexible approach
cultural similarities between the in-house members and new team members
increased profitability of an offshore working model
Delivering software testing services to an independent company is becoming a more popular way
to test software quality. It allows companies to reduce the high costs related to software failure
without spending too much money on in-house team expanding. To achieve the expected results
in software testing outsourcing, decision-makers need to clearly define their needs & objectives,
while finding the needed professionals.

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Hire professional qa engineers who will catch all possible defects before delivering software to
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To provide the highest quality software testing services, we carefully choose a strategy, software tools, plan the tests, prepare environment and make post-test reviews. Thanks to this complex approach, our clients can be sure that their software products perform well and have no bugs included.
Deliver bug-free software solutions to your end-users with Premium QA software testing!

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