manual software testing:

Newly-emerging software solutions need professional testing services to achieve the highest quality performance before deploying. With testing processes becoming more complex, manual testing is still an irreplaceable set of techniques. It is essential to check the usability, user experience or quality of software.

The main advantages of manual testing services are the following:

creative human approach

Human criticism, intuition and eye to detail can’t be replaced by any mechanism. Manual testing detects logical, visual and other issues thinking from a user’s perspective. Some testing scenarios can’t be automated but executed by humans only.

cost effectiveness

Manual testing services are 5-15x less expensive compared to the automation testing. If you need qa services for short term, human testing might be a perfect solution, providing immediate and actual results.

exploratory testing

Explore applications with no limits to find bugs where you least expect them. Exploratory testing enables checking every possible scenario of using application. In some cases, this leads to designing new test cases correcting revealed defects.

tests with no errors or bugs

Automated test scripts may also contain errors which result in misinterpretations. Manual testing leaves no room for this as everything is seen by human.

Manual testing services

Finding highly-skilled specialists, building remote teams and maintaining them is our main specificity. We select and maintain qa testers for both black box and white box testing. Black box testing offers the external perspective of software, being efficient for large code segments. White box testing allows to find hidden errors while looking inside a solution. It finds security holes, checking the flow of specific inputs through the code. Just choose any type of manual testing services:

user experience testing
integration testing
security testing
usability testing
system testing
compatibility testing
localization testing
A/B testing

Or maybe all of the

Stay confident about the performance of your software solutions by assigning software testing to professionals. Highly-skilled specialists will assist you on every stage of project testing - from test planning to post release support. Hire just one professional for a small job or set a team who will cover the whole manual testing process.

Why choose software testing services by CyberCraft?

Having access to 100 000+ tech talents, CyberCraft offers manual testing services of Premium quality. Using QA best practices, proper methodologies and hiring talented tech minds ensures successful software testing with fast results.

The main advantages of working with us are the following:

access to a wide range of professional qa testers with rare skills
flexible working model & reliable cooperation
Agile, Waterfall or Scrum methogologies - depending on your preferences
rich expertise in IT recruiting, staff augmentation and project management
lower costs services without compromising on quality
client-centric approach towards software testing
regular communication, followed by detailed reports ensuring a transparent work process
fast & easy qa testers team setup
client-centric approach towards software testing

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Manual software testing by CyberCraft

Since 2012, we've been offering top-notch manual testing services to our clients. To create zero-bug software solutions, we select the right methodologies & use the best tactics. Finding errors on the initial stages allows to prevent further complications. In such way, we find any software defects, both large and small, before they go live.
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