PHP is the most popular language for backend development. With its help, programmers can provide a stable connection between user interface and databases. PHP programming is a great fit for developing static and dynamic websites. In fact, such well-known social platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Wikipedia are based on PHP language. The success of this language is due to its multiple advantages for both programmers and users. PHP is quite simple and user-friendly language, that doesn’t require significant time & money resources.

Hire PHP developer: list of requirements

Even though PHP developers are relatively easy to find due to the wide usage of this programming language, it is important to carefully select the candidates according to companies needs. This allows to render insufficiently qualified candidates on the initial stage of development process. This is a list of requirements for any decent PHP developer:

If you, like most progressive business owners, are looking for a way to get the highest-quality product without having to spend too much, you should definitely employ the services of an outstaffing agency. CyberCraft, specializing in the search for talented and dedicated php programmers in Ukraine, is always ready to answer your business nees. These are our benefits:

Quality warranty.

Developers from Eastern Europe are, currently, the most qualified and demanded IT specialists. When turning to Ukrainian software development company, you can be sure of hiring highly-skilled programmers without spending too much. PHP developers will provide lower pricing without undermining quality of work.

Work places and support provided

Many decision-makers need to pay huge monthly fees in order to provide employees with good computers and working space. The prices for office rentals constantly increase worldwide. Although you can avoid these issues by hiring a team of developers remotely.


We sign all the official documents, such as NDAs and others, to provide you with zero-risk cooperation model. Your PHP developers team will be official employed and placed in good working conditions. This provides confidence that employees will be ready to help whenever necessary even after the project completion.

Transparency of cooperation

Contrary to common misconceptions, remote cooperation can be as transparent as possible. Regular communication and reports, Agile Scrum tools ensure a clear workflow and efficient team management.

Hire PHP developers: conclusion

If you need php developer, CyberCraft will setup your own remote team of top PHP developers from Ukraine in the shortest terms possible. Our experts will organize full-blown working places for your employees, providing all the conditions required for a productive labor. Despite its remoteness, such an interaction format guarantees that the project won’t be left behind the halfway.

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