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 17/01/2019     15:18

Wondering if it is a good idea to hire a remote software development team for your project? Is it risky ...

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 14/01/2019     17:46

Looking for the best software development methodologies for your project? Look no further as in this comprehensive guide you will ...

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 11/01/2019     16:39

Trying to build an online store for your business? Don’t know how to do it the right way? Not sure ...

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 24/12/2018     17:30

How to do project estimation the right way? What are the best project estimation techniques? What is the role of ...

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 21/12/2018     17:42

Let’s be honest, software development in Western and Central Europe is expensive. High taxes, high salaries, and other employee benefit-related ...

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 19/12/2018     18:31

Why use Ruby on Rails for your startup/project? Why Ruby on Rails and not some other technology? In this article, ...

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 13/12/2018     18:34

Wondering how to build a website like Zillow? Searching for tips on how to create a real estate website or ...

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 12/12/2018     16:36

Searching for a how-to guide on financial software development? Wondering how to bring your banking software idea to life or ...

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 01/12/2018     12:20

According to Forrester study, 60% of agencies are interested in cross-platform development now. Сreating cross-platform applications allows companies to save ...

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