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 12/10/2018     16:05

Media & publishing industry experiences major transformations right now. Boundaries between print and digital blur and, as a result, consumers ...

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 11/10/2018     17:02

With no doubt, company’s success greatly depends on skills and knowledge of its employees. By hiring talented minds, agencies ensure ...

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 26/09/2018     13:56

Cloud computing has a huge impact on companies, improving their overall efficiency. With all the hype going around cloud technology, ...

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 05/09/2018     17:44

With so many languages existing on the IT market, PHP remains widely used in the web development niche. This open-source ...

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 16/07/2018     10:49

In the world of rushing people, time became one of the most valuable assets of all. People need services to ...

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 12/07/2018     11:21

Many companies around the world look to IT outsourcing to overcome tech talent shortage, quickly scale up their businesses and ...

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 11/07/2018     17:52

Aspiring startups and established enterprises choose to outsource projects to Ukraine for many reasons, i.e. lower costs, expert labor, extra ...

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 11/07/2018     14:57

There is a common belief that IT outsourcing can be beneficial only to mature organizations and big enterprises, and startups ...

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 09/07/2018     13:58

As we described in our previous article “hiring freelancers vs offshore development teams“, for telecommuting you can choose either to ...

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