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 22/01/2021     14:42

What definition can we give to the back-end? It’s the engine of the website that consists of different parts related ...

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 07/01/2021     14:23

Modernizations of the teaching process and changes related to COVID-19 have provoked popularization of the e-learning development. Due to Market ...

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 06/01/2021     15:36

AI revolution is not a myth. Due to The New York Times, nearly 50% of jobs will be replaced with ...

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 12/11/2020     13:37

The customer can be an important participant in the process of software development, who checks each step and iteration or ...

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 26/10/2020     12:24

Finding a software developer who fits the requirements can be quite a difficult task. You are going to complete a ...

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 06/10/2020     17:01

According to the situation related to COVID-19, the property market was supposed to be declined. Therefore, real estate web design ...

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 06/05/2020     13:52

It goes without saying that remote and outsourcing services are at the peak of their demand right now. The increased ...

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 21/06/2019     13:08

How to build an app like Uber? What are the key features and nuances? How to monetize such an application? ...

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 06/06/2019     16:11

What are the key startup roles and responsibilities? How to correctly set up your tech startup development team? What is ...

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